Nodes Remover HDA for Houdini Indie

News / 03 July 2024

I've made a simple node for Houdini Indie that deletes select nodes or networks and optionally checks the hip filename for the presence of the string to prevent the node from deleting networks in the wrong file.

This node is particularly useful when you want to send a copy of your hip file to the cloud and clean it from unnecessary stages or nodes that require Python scripts or other package dependencies that your cloud service may not have.

You can download the Nodes Remover HDA from my GitHub page


Presets Manager for OD Tools in Houdini [Indie]

News / 28 June 2024

The following videos introduce the Preset Manager node, an extension for the paid third-party plugin OD Tools. This node is designed to streamline the import of parameters from JSON files, making your workflow more efficient and organized.

Download the Preset Manager node from my GitHub page. 

Introduction to OD Tools and Presets Manager node overview.

In this video, I'll demonstrate the new features: 

  • Edit Button: Opens the selected preset in your default system editor for JSON files.
  • Apply All Presets Button: Easily apply all presets at once.
  • Parameters Filter Field and Panel: You can now filter and select specific parameters to apply to your objects, such as changing only the size of the boxes.
  • Fixed a bug with the width of the Select parameters panel and added a scroll bar to preview selected parameters.
  • Added the toggle to include or exclude presets from loading using the Apply All Parameters button.

Speed Up Debris Smoke Simulation with Axiom Solver in Houdini

News / 27 May 2024

Sharing my insights on using the GPU-based Axiom Solver for faster and more stable smoke simulations in Houdini. In my experience, it cut sim times from an hour to 15 minutes! Optimize your workflow and enhance your creative decisions.