Digital Human Contest 2020 - Iris texture

Making Of / 18 November 2020

Eye shader in Character Creator is pretty versatile, but there was two moments, I wanted to be sure that iris pattern is accurate and to desaturate sclera a bit.

To generate iris texture I've bought HumanEyes Iris #100 on

Following the Standard workflow tutorial, I've imported Low_poly iris base from pack and subdivided it four times.

I decided to work with textures directly on geometry, not in a shader, so I projected iris displacement map to color attribute

Then displaced it inside vex operator (kind of visual coding network), 

Same way as displacement I projected color information.

As I've mentioned at a beginning, Character creator 3 has base eye with uv that why I imported its eye texture and put it on a plane, then I adjusted iris position to iris on the plane and baked it out.

Thank you for reading and see you in the next chapters.