VirtuCamera Bridge for Houdini

How VirtuCamera iOS app and VirtuCamera HDA are working together

How to install VirtuCamera HDA and run example file

AR technologies offer users enhanced flexibility in capturing animations, especially when it comes to camera work. To facilitate this, I utilized an open API from the widely-used VirtuCamera app for iOS devices. With this API, I created a Houdini Digital Asset that establishes a server connection, enabling seamless communication between Houdini and the app over a local network. Users can effortlessly connect their devices by scanning a QR code displayed on their computer screen or manually entering the IP address on their iOS device. Once connected, users can open a dedicated window to capture and transmit real-time images from Houdini to their iOS devices, providing operators with a convenient way to monitor the action taking place within Houdini on their device screens. When the recording function is initiated, the motion of the iOS device is synchronized with both the physical space and the virtual camera in Houdini, ensuring a harmonious and immersive experience.

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